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Valencia Legaltech Hackathon 2022, countdown


Four renowed law firms join forces to take their innovation processes to the next level: Jesús Bonet, from Bonet & Rubio; Salvador Silvestre, from ECIJA; Sergio Segarra, from Segarra Abogados Economistas and Ignacio Varona, from Varona Legal & Numbers. Legal Dealmaker asks the participants about their expectations

From left to right: Jesús Bonet, partner at Bonet & Rubio; Salvador Silvestre, partner at Écija; Ignacio Varona, partner at Varona Legal & Numbers; Sergio Segarra, partner at Segarra Abogados Economistas; Lucía Carrau, head of and Ignacio Carrau, representative of the Ateneo Club de Innovación de Valencia.

Organised by, the hackathon will be held this Friday, 17 June, from 9:00h to 22:00h at the Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia. There, teams of lawyers from four leading law firms will apply innovation to solve a technological challenge that will be announced at the start of the meeting. 

Also during the meeting, Valencia LegalTech Hackathon 2022, the first to be held in Valencia, there will be talks and conferences on innovation in the legal sector, the use of technological tools to improve efficiency in the management of law firms, and the attraction and loyalty of clients.

The challenging firms will join forces to take their innovation processes to the next level, with the participation of Josu Bonet, from Bonet & Rubio; Salvador Silvestre, from Écija; Sergio Segarra, from Segarra Abogados Economistas and Ignacio Varona, from Varona Legal & Numbers.

According to Lucía Carrau, head of and promoter of the initiative, this “pioneering and disruptive” event aims to “align relevant firms in the sector with a common objective to multiply the value of the result. They all have a common quality: they know that innovation and technology are absolutely necessary to be at the forefront of the legal sector and they want to demonstrate it.”

Legal Dealmaker has asked the participants about their expectations. Here are the answers:

Salvador Silvestre, partner at ECIJA

“Innovation and technology are ECIJA’s DNA and core and along with our know-how and dedication to serve our clients, we provide services worldwide in a more agile and effective way, leading us to promote and participate in legaltech challenges. We are the leading company in Spain for Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law, and have become the number one full-service company. People and their goals are our objectives. That’s the reason we offer a unique and high added value service and base our day-to-day activities on the quality of our work. In ECIJA We are creative and curious, We are flexible and fast,  passionate and optimistic appreciate the wealth in the difference, and we exceed expectations, we are outstanding which has led us to be recognised as a leading full service firm by the most prestigious international rankings and publications.”

Sergio Segarra, partner at Segarra Abogados Economistas

As a law firm, from Segarra, we are strongly committed to technological innovation. Therefore, participating in an event focused on solving day-to-day problems through the development of technological applications fits perfectly with our office model. Furthermore, joining this event with other law firms helps us to find solutions as a team and we find it not only rewarding but atypical in our sector. People often think that the commitment to technology in our sector is a pipe-dream. These types of initiatives help us to fight this somewhat old thinking and to position the legal sector as a scope of activity that joins the innovative current that prevails nowadays in the business world. In addition, being able to share this with colleagues allows us to accelerate this digital transformation we aspire to as a company.

Ignacio Varona, partner at Varona Legal & Numbers

Varona Legal & Numbers is proud and excited to actively participate in this event. The interaction between multidisciplinary teams in the field of law, technology and design, focused to improve customer experience, makes us consider this day as a success. We are a local law firm with a strong digital culture from the beginning. Now we use this experience to enhance communication toward our greatest interest, our clients. The guarantee of a great result lies in the effort of nearby firms and competitors to share synergies and join forces to work intensively, despite busy schedules.

Jesús Bonet, partner at Bonet & Rubio

The growing social and business paradigm and especially the development of new technologies have compelled the legal sector to provide their clients with a renewed service, based on more agile and flexible methods. In this regard, we are convinced that a Legal Hackathon will be the appropriate way for lawyers to meet up and start walking a new approach to the relationships with their clients. On account of this, four well-known law firms located in Valencia, have put together their strengths with the purpose of working hand in hand to meet challenges and search for solutions which will improve the support service given to the clients. As in any sector of the economy, a widely understood and properly applied technology referred to in the legal ecosystem, can help lawyers to focus on relevant and important questions, and stop wasting time on processes that do not contribute to giving added value to our clients.