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Adapting to Changes: A Legal Recruiter’s Reflection on the Evolving Mentality of New-Generation Lawyers


By Diego Saavedra, Legal recruiter & headhunter at SSQ

Diego Saavedra, Legal recruiter & headhunter at SSQ

I worked as a lawyer from 1999 to 2012, practising law as an attorney in various law firms, and I also worked in-house for several years. Now, having returned to the legal sector of law firms and corporations as a legal recruiter, I have noticed many differences in mentality since I started my career.

One of my first tasks was to find an associate for M&A in a top-tier Anglo-Saxon law firm in Madrid. I thought it would be easy because, during my time in private practice, many would have fought for this position. However, I was wrong.

I found that the new generations of lawyers were quite different from when I started my career. After conducting countless interviews with candidates, I noticed some significant differences in mentality:

  • Work-life balance is a top priority for many candidates, and they are less willing to sacrifice their personal time for work.
  • There is a growing interest in work culture and values, with candidates seeking inclusive, diverse and socially conscious environments.
  • The use of technology and flexible working arrangements is more important than ever, with candidates expecting a modern and efficient workplace.
  • Career progression is still crucial, but many candidates are less willing to wait for years to be promoted and expect clear paths for advancement.

These differences in mentality have challenged me as a legal recruiter, but I have needed to adapt to the changes and find ways to match candidates with the right firms and jobs that align with their values and goals.

I think that this is a beautiful practice. It truly is an art to identify and understand different cultures in order to align the right candidates with each one. Not only is mastering this art incredibly satisfying, but it also leads to increased success and profitability for law firms and businesses. By finding the perfect fit, companies can create a harmonious and productive work environment, which ultimately translates to greater success in the marketplace. As a legal recruiter, I take great pride in helping both candidates and firms find their perfect match, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Diego Saavedra is a member of the Madrid team at SSQ, a legal search and recruitment consultancy.