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Top 30 Compliance Officers in Spain


Top 30 Compliance Officers in Spain, selection by Legal Dealmaker & WCA

Collage Compliance Officers

Guarantors of Legal & Regulatory requirements, safeguarding business goals as a real partner

Legal Dealmaker, in collaboration with the World Compliance Association (WCA), has selected a list of 30 Compliance Officers presented in alphabetical order who, after thorough research, can be a very good representation of highlighted professionals for their work and trajectory over the last few years. They ensure all activities in their company are carried out within the regulatory framework, providing legal security and advice to the business, taking into account its goals and objectives as true partners. The selection has been made in collaboration with the World Compliance Association, whose work Legal Dealmaker holds in high esteem. The initiative was born with the aim to respond to the need to create a directory or the beginning of what could become a directory of the Compliance world in Spain. Although not all of them are lawyers, the presence of legal professionals is over 70%.

The criteria that have been taken into account for this selection have been based on the following scoring system, which accounts for both their personal/professional achievements and their company´s accomplishments in Compliance matters, which could not have been possible without their hard and excellent work.

Best Compliance Officers selection criteria

Legal Dealmaker is well aware that there are many other Compliance Officers that are not on this list and still deserve recognition but has limited the selection to 30 for editorial purposes, knowing that not all the best Compliance professionals can be included in this selection, but assuring that the ones included here are among the best ones.

Adriana Antich | Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Chief Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the world’s first online university which currently enrols 87,500 students in 141 countries. She joined UOC in 2019 from Dentons. Previously, she worked at Garrigues. She has extensive experience in Compliance Management Systems, having developed and implemented more than 60 Compliance Management Systems in companies from various sectors. Adriana holds a degree in Law from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Master’s degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences from Universitat de Barcelona & Universitat Pompeu Fabra. In 2016, she attended the ESADE Corporate Compliance Expert Program. Recently, she obtained the ASCOM award in the individual category, which recognised Adriana as the best compliance officer in Spain in 2020.

Annabel Casahuga | Abertis Group

She joined abertis in 1999, starting her career in expropriation matters, and later worked in various areas of law such as analysis of the legal feasibility of infrastructure projects, public procurement, property claims, personal data protection, intellectual and industrial property, the environment, and private contracting, to end up having extensive knowledge as a generalist lawyer. This general knowledge together with her vocation for ethics has allowed her to enjoy the design and implementation of the compliance system in the Abertis Group since 2015, culminating in this long-distance race with the incorporation of the compliance objectives in the Abertis Group Plan 2022-2024.

Ariadna Torrijos | Alter Domus

She has transferred her passion for Compliance to different areas and disciplines until reaching her current positions. As Head of the department of a multinational related to the investment industry, she designed and is currently implementing a local Governance, Risk and Compliance System, in accordance with ISO and UNE standards, capable of serving as a guide for the rest of the Group. She has obtained, always in initial editions, several Compliance certifications; which together with her background, have enabled her to face new teaching challenges, up to her present functions as director and coordinator of a complete University Master’s degree that integrates the newest disciplines in Compliance 3.0. She is currently working on her PhD and coordinates a Technical Committee of the WCA, and is the author of articles in specialised magazines. 

Carlos Jiménez Cordero | Cirsa Group

His beginnings in Compliance go back to the beginning of 2015 when he joined the CIRSA Group. His first steps as a Regulatory Compliance Technician were within the Sports Betting Division – Sportium, focused mainly on regulatory issues such as licenses, approvals, audits, etc, until 2018, with the transposition of the AMLD4, when sports betting was included as an obligated subject, from which moment he incorporated the implementation and development of the money laundering prevention model into his responsibilities as Compliance & AML Officer. At the end of 2019, he was appointed Corporate Compliance Officer, assuming functions of maximum responsibility in the field of Governance, Risk & Compliance, as a member of different supervisory and control bodies, for the assurance of areas such as the Criminal Liability of the Legal Entity, Criminal Fraud or Data Protection.

Carlos Menor | Groupe Renault Spain

Carlos works as a Legal Director and Compliance Officer at Groupe Renault España since January 2021 and as General Counsel since October 2020. He is a Law graduate from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and took a Master´s degree in Civil Private Law at Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera. Since 2003, most part of his professional career has been focused on the legal business. In his position as a Legal Director and Compliance Officer, he develops some tasks of monitoring, control, implementation, training and reporting to the governance body of the company and all employees about the zero-tolerance policy with regard to criminal and ethical compliance. Carlos Menor believes that facing change, more than showing courage, is an opportunity to continue growing and developing professionally and personally. Carlos previously led the Legal department of Thyssenkrupp Elevator Iberia and Africa.

Cristina Fabre | Cepsa

She is a Law and Business Administration graduate from UC3M. She is a certified ROAC, COSO CI, risk, CICO, or whistle-blower channel manager. She worked at Arthur Andersen as a financial auditor and joined a subsidiary of Cepsa as a financial manager. She led the internal audit department, with the creation of a dynamic and innovative team, implementing methodologies derived from the IIA. In 2015, she started leading the Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit Department. She launched the Compliance function giving coverage to programs such as ethics, crime prevention, bribery, corruption, data protection, financial crime, sanctions, etc, relying on four fundamental pillars: culture through company values, communication and training, simple but very clear compliance rules, digital transformation: agile methodologies, robots implementation, dashboard, etc, and continuous improvement through annual reviews. She actively participates in specialized forums, collaborates as a professor in different Compliance Master´s degrees or programmes, and publishes periodically.

Edurne Sánchez López | Mahou San Miguel

Edurne is the head of Compliance at Mahou San Miguel. She has been working in Compliance for more than 15 years. She began her career at Deloitte, first as a strategy consultant and then joining the Governance, Risk and Compliance area, advising numerous clients. She currently leads the Compliance function at Mahou San Miguel, is the chair of the Privacy Committee, a member of the Ethics Committee and a member of the Sustainability Committee. Her main role is to promote 360º Compliance and serve as a speaker within the company, on a style of understanding and doing business consisting of “ethics” and “compliance culture”. She recently obtained the International Compliance Officer (CICO) certification awarded for merit and professional career. She actively participates in different Compliance associations and working groups with the aim of promoting this profession in Spain.

Emilia Carballeira | ABANCA

After graduating in Chemical Engineering, Emilia´s first professional experiences took place in the consulting area. At this stage, she led process reengineering and dashboard design projects for companies in sectors such as energy, steel, construction and the automotive industry, among others. With her arrival at the industrial and business corporation of ABANCA in 2005, she assumed the challenge of improving processes, obtaining and consolidating the ISO quality certification systems of the group companies and defining and implementing common management models. The rigorousness in her work and her determined commitment to profitability means that in 2018, she also assumed the control of the Regulatory Compliance of all the companies in which ABANCA invests in Data Protection and Compliance, exercising in some cases as DPO and CO. Her vocation for continuous improvement and her proactivity, have allowed her to be certified as a PMO, DPO and CO.       

Esperanza Bernal-Quirós | LaLiga

Esperanza is Compliance and Internal Control director at Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (LaLiga), and the sole member of LaLiga´s Compliance Body since May and September 2015, respectively. Since joining LaLiga, she set up the Compliance Body of the organisation. This body is supported by the Compliance and Internal Control area that she also manages, implementing and supervising LaLiga´s Compliance Management System and the Internal Control Model, as well as the Data Protection Officer and the Information Security Office. LaLiga is a pioneer in sports in implementing Compliance Programmes as a requirement for affiliation. Previously, she was a senior associate at PwC Tax & Legal Litigation & Arbitration department, from where she advised many companies on the implementation of effective crime prevention models in Criminal Liability of legal persons. She is a Law graduate from Universidad CEU San Pablo and holds an advanced Compliance course from IE.

Georgina Briñol | MediaMarkt Iberia

With a degree in Law and a Master’s degree from Universidad Pompeu Fabra, she started her professional career focused on the Banking Law sector. After a year of legal practice in a medium law firm, in 2014, she pivoted her career’s direction to the company world, starting her career at MediaMarkt Iberia at a time when Compliance was gaining relevance throughout the Spanish business sector. Since the beginning of 2015, most of her functions were focused on the implementation and continuous improvement of the company’s Compliance system, specialising in the topic through diverse courses. In 2019, she assumed the responsibility as head of Legal & Compliance. In May 2021 she assumed, in addition to the previous role, the position of secretary of the Board of Directors of MM Iberia as General Counsel. The aforementioned experience has allowed her to defend, from a management position, the relevance of a company about having a holistic vision about Compliance being closely linked to sustainability and business ethics.

Guillermina Grande | Triodos Bank

Guillermina has over 10 years of experience holding management responsibilities for Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls in national and multinational financial institutions. She is proficient at applying regulations within the banking industry, conveying a strategic perspective on banks’ internal control frameworks, and addressing priority issues regarding governance, processes and controls, and culture. Where required, she has challenged operational controls and processes, and instigated change, in order to reduce Compliance risk. Over the course of her career, she has acquired a deep knowledge of the banking sector, and Compliance risks, informing and advising the entity’s management and risk committees on the compliance status and significant Compliance topics. Since 2019, she is the local head of Compliance at Triodos Bank, Sucursal en España. She usually participates as a speaker in different Compliance and AML forums and as a lecturer. 

Irene Macéin | Técnicas Reunidas

Irene started her professional career in 2011 in the Litigation department of PwC, when Compliance was starting to be talked about in Spain and her entire professional career has gone hand in hand with it. The Big Four started implementing these famous “Crime Prevention Models” in the IBEX 35 companies, which first welcomed it. Her career continued by joining the EY Forensic department, getting a global vision of Compliance: regulation, internal control, investigations and monitoring. At the same time, she started to teach at university, in the Compliance Master´s degree at Universidad Complutense, and later in the Private Investigation Master´s degree at UNIR. In addition to training the new Compliance Officers, she continues training herself as CFE, Expert in Compliance by ASCOM and WCA. She is currently Compliance Officer at Técnicas Reunidas.

Jesica Hita | Clece

Jesica is Senior Compliance Specialist and member of the Compliance Body at Clece. She is responsible for the continuous improvement of the group’s Compliance Management System, within its multi-service activities at national and international levels. Jesica has extensive experience in Compliance and has gained a global perspective through her various roles within her professional career as an expert Economic Criminal Lawyer; Consulting Technical director; advisor; Compliance Officer and Chief Certification Auditor. She holds several certifications in Corporate Compliance (ESADE and CESCOM® & IFCA), Data Protection (Garrigues) and Audit Standards (AENOR). She holds a double degree in Law and Journalism (URJC), and a Master´s degree in Economics and Business Criminal Law (URJC). Jesica regularly collaborates with various associations and universities as a professor and lecturer. She was named “Best Compliance Under 35” in 2020 by ASCOM.

Jesús Ortega | Aqualia

Jesús is Chief Compliance Officer at Aqualia group, one of the top ten water management companies in the world, which he joined in 2007. Upon his arrival at Aqualia, he was responsible for Legal Affairs for Europe, working on the projects that the company has in Italy, the Czech Republic and Portugal. In 2018 he was appointed Chief Compliance Officer receiving the commission from the Board of Directors to implement the Compliance Model in the companies of the group in the almost twenty countries in which the company provides services.  In addition, he is a lecturer for the Master’s degree in Corporate Compliance at ESADE. He holds a degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a degree in Journalism from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where he also completed a postgraduate degree in Compliance. Before joining Aqualia, he was head of Legal in retail and franchise companies.

Jimena Ganzo | Ayuda en Acción Foundation

Jimena is head of Compliance at Ayuda en Acción Foundation since July 2021. She previously worked as a technician at the same foundation and as an auditor at firms such as Deloitte and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She has received training in Criminal Compliance Management Systems, which has enabled her to carry out effective Compliance in her current position. Because of the sector in which she works, Ayuda en Acción’s project sites are critical territories that require internal investigations on the ground to ensure good practices. In her opinion, Compliance requirements are originally designed for the business private sphere, but most of them are mandatory for foundations, which is a big gap when it comes to working. Jimena Ganzo belongs to different working groups such as the Third Sector Working Group of the World Compliance Association, Transparency and Good Governance at Coordinadora de Organizaciones para el Desarrollo Group and the Safeguard Working Group of Alliance2015 (European NGO Network).

José Manuel Castro | Enagás Group

José Manuel is a professional with thirty-five years of career, twenty years dedicated to the practice of internal auditing, having been Internal Audit Manager at Companhia Estadual de Gas (Gas Natural SDG) of Rio de Janeiro for three years and director of Internal Audit at the Enagás Group for five years. He has also developed responsibilities leading work teams among other disciplines within the Enagás Group in different geographical locations. Currently and for the last seven years, he is Chief Compliance Officer at the Enagás Group, depending functionally and reporting directly to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors about the different Compliance Management Systems implemented in the company, (Corporate Defense, Anti-bribery, Antitrust, Market abuse, Code of Ethics and Whistleblowing channel). He has chaired its Ethics Compliance Committee for three years and is responsible for managing its Whistleblowing Channel.

José Rafael Fauquié | Endesa Group

Rafael is head of Legal Corporate affairs, responsible for Corporate Governance, M&A, renewable projects and Data Protection within the Endesa Group. He is also Chief Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer for the Endesa Group, responsible for all Compliance-related matters. Until 2016, he was General Counsel for Latin America, responsible for the legal matters in M&A transactions and global corporate advice for Latam. From 2000 to June 2008 he was General Counsel for Europe and secretary of the Board of Directors of Endesa Europa, responsible for investment projects in Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Romania, Germany and Netherlands among others.  He is also responsible for the legal related matters in M&A transactions, and global corporations including Corporate & Compliance and LNG supply contracts with Qatar, Nigeria and Algeria. He is a certified member of “Asociación Española de Compliance” and Certified Compliance Officer by “International Federation of Compliance Association”, as well as secretary of the Board of Directors of the non-profit entity “Fundacion Endesa” and has been a Board member of energy listed companies in France, Peru, Greece, Chile and the United States.

Juan Pablo Regojo | Nueva Pescanova Group

Juan Pablo is Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, director of the Compliance Unit and chairman of the Data Protection and Privacy Committee of the Nueva Pescanova Group since 2016. Previously, and since 2004, he was a principal associate in the Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance practice of the Litigation & Arbitration department of Garrigues in Madrid. Juan Pablo is a Law graduate from Universidad de Navarra and holds, among other specific education in the field of Compliance, a postgraduate in Compliance from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a Specialisation Programme in Compliance from IEB. He is a Certified Compliance Officer (CESCOM & IFCA) and Data Protection Officer under the certification scheme approved by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Juan Pablo teaches Compliance at various universities and business schools is a regular speaker and panel member at different events, seminars and workshops in Compliance, and is the author of several articles and publications on the subject.

Laura Gonzalvo | FIIAPP/WCA

Laura specialises in Compliance (risk management and regulatory compliance), Transparency, Ethics and Organisational Development of non-profit organisations. She began her professional career at PwC, where she worked for six years in the Assurance area. After several volunteering experiences, she joined the world of international cooperation from the “field” to get to know the operations of this sector first-hand, working as a Financial Delegate and head of the Spanish Red Cross Delegation in Colombia. Subsequently, she worked for seven years at Ayuda en Acción Foundation as Chief Compliance Officer, where she designed and implemented its Corporate Compliance programme. Since June 2021, she has held the position of director of Internal Audit and Risk Control at the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), leading the creation of this new area. She is a member of the Advisory Committee of the International Compliance Observatory of the World Compliance Association, as well as founder and coordinator of the Third Sector Compliance Committee of the World Compliance Association. She is president of the Code of Conduct Monitoring Committee of Coordinadora de ONG al Desarrollo.

Luis Alfonso Soria | Amazon

Luis holds eleven years of experience in Audit, Internal Control and Compliance. During these years he has participated in the design and implementation of the COSO framework, leading the companies he has worked for to the highest standards of internal control and risk management. He has been responsible for the Compliance programme at Hotelbeds, being in charge of the design and implementation of the risk map, whistleblower channel, OFAC/EU sanctions, fraud investigations, etc. At Amazon, he is responsible for the Compliance of the Middle Mile Carrier´s Partners in Spain. His functions are to ensure Amazon´s partners are in compliance with contractual and legal requirements and to drive a Compliance culture both internally and externally. He lectures in the Master´s degree in Compliance Management & Data Protection at the International Graduate School (EIP), and in the Complaints Channel Manager Course at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and holds a Master’s degree in Audit from the Loyola Leadership School.

María José Sanz | Iberdrola Renovables

María José Sanz has developed a relevant part of her professional career in the field of engineering automation and control systems in electricity generation, electricity distribution and railway projects. Subsequently, she worked in the field of project quality and control of suppliers for large international onshore wind, offshore wind, and photovoltaic projects. From a deep knowledge of the business, since 2016 she has faced the challenge of leading the Compliance division of Iberdrola Renovables Energía under the perspective that it is easier, faster and cheaper to do things from an ethical point of view. María Jose Sanz Asensio is an Industrial Engineer, who holds an MSC in Economics, and is finishing her Bachelor´s degree in Law. She is a member of the World Compliance Association.

María Zabala | Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

María is Compliance Officer for Spain and Portugal at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy since 2017. Previously, she worked as a Compliance manager for Gamesa since 2016, providing support worldwide. She started her career in the world of Compliance ten years ago at Oxford University Press, where the department had to be created from scratch. Before her experience in Compliance, she worked as an internal auditor at Endesa, investigating internal frauds. During her career, she has trained thousands of people (face to face) on Compliance worldwide, addressing complaints in all regions, and creating protocols, policies and regulations to improve the Compliance Culture in the different companies in which she has worked.  She holds a postgraduate in Compliance from UC3M, a Certificate of Judicial Expert in Compliance from Instituto de Oficiales de Cumplimiento / World Compliance Association / Cumplen, and is an Expert in Corporate Integrity, Transparency and Good Governance from Transparency International.

Pedro Montoya | Ferrovial

Pedro Montoya began his professional career at Procter & Gamble in Madrid and later joined CASA, where he became director of the Legal department and secretary of the Board of Directors. In 2008, the Board of Directors appointed him Group Chief Compliance Officer. Pedro created the Compliance function reporting directly to the CEO and the chairman of the Board of Auditors’ Audit Committee. For eight years, he led a team of up to 100 professionals. He moved to Paris in 2001, after the integration of CASA into EADS and later AIRBUS. He held several positions, including General Counsel International. Pedro left AIRBUS in 2017 and accepted the offer as Chief Compliance and Risk Officer of ALEATICA, a concessions company recently bought by the Australian fund manager IFM. In 2019, he joined Ferrovial as Group Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, reporting directly to the chairman of the Board of Auditors’ Audit Committee. Pedro is a member of the Steering Committee of the Spanish Institute of Compliance Officers IOC.  He is also an adjunct professor of the Master´s degree in Compliance at IE Law School.

Pía de la Cuesta | TK Elevator

Pia de la Cuesta is the Regional Compliance Officer of TK Elevator GmbH for Europe Africa and Airport Solutions since January 2020, being the first point of contact for antitrust, anti-corruption, trade control and anti-money laundering matters. Previously, she served as Regional Compliance Officer Iberia for ThyssenKrupp AG.  Prior to joining ThyssenKrupp in 2015, Pia served as local in-house counsel for Holcim Spain before becoming Corporate Compliance Counsel at Holcim’s Swiss Headquarters in Zurich. Before Holcim, she worked as an Antitrust and Commercial lawyer for Garrigues and CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. Pia holds a degree in Law from the Universidad de Salamanca and a Master’s degree in European Law from the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

Piedad Barco | Inditex

Piedad is an in-house Legal counsel and Compliance officer, specialising in corporate governance, international corporate compliance, anti-corruption and business ethics. She is deputy secretary of the Board of Directors of Inditex and head of Compliance at Inditex’s headquarters. Since joining the company in 2012, she has held several roles within the General Counsel’s Office, such as head of Corporate Governance (2012-2017), secretary of the Ethics Committee (2012-2017) and Chief Compliance Officer for Europe (2017- end 2021). Before her time as an in-house lawyer, she was a Corporate/M&A manager at Deloitte, where she advised domestic and global companies within several industries (retail, manufacturing, food, venture capital, real estate, financial institutions, sports, etc.). She holds an Advanced Management Program in Retail and Management from the IE Business School, a Master’s degree in Business Law from the IE Law School and a Law degree with distinction from the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Pilar López-Aranguren | Goldman Sachs

Pilar began her Compliance career at Citibank (1994-1999). She then took on a new challenge at Morgan Stanley (1999-2007) – Spain & Portugal (800 employees), and from 2007 to the present, she serves at Goldman Sachs Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark as head of Compliance and Control. She is a member of the CNMV working group, motivating regulatory changes. She holds extensive experience with regulators, both national and European, and has worked in securities/banking/insurance markets, with responsibility in multiple countries, as well as in all segments of investment banking and all types of clients. She is an expert in Anti-money laundering and Criminal Compliance prevention programmes. She has experience in relations/inspections with Official Bodies (Bank of Spain, SEPBLAC, CNMV, DGS, CNMC and APD), having managed very complex situations. She holds a Master´s degree in Legal Advice from IE and a PADE IESE. She is director of IOC, director of IC-A, co-chair of the Compliance Section of the Madrid Bar Association, co-chair of ESG IOC and IC-A certified. She teaches at IE, CEU, ICAM, CUNEF, and IOC, and was a founding member & VP of ASCOM.

Rafael Tormo | Real Madrid Foundation

Rafael Tormo Hernández is the Controller & Compliance Officer at the Real Madrid Foundation. He is a Business Administration graduate, with a Master’s degree in Management of Sports Entities, a Master’s Degree in Management of Non-Profit Entities and several courses on accountability, Money Laundering Prevention, anti-bribery, compliance, etc. He started his career at the Real Madrid Foundation in 2012 in the Management Control and HR department. In addition to being Controller, he has carried out other tasks like Data Protection, quality (previously in ISO 9001 and currently in EFQM), HR, money-laundering prevention and transparency. In 2017, the Real Madrid Foundation took the decision to implement a Compliance system, and he had the opportunity to lead the project and be appointed Compliance Officer. On the other hand, in addition to participating as a speaker at courses and conferences, he is a member of the World Compliance Association, being part of the Committee on Compliance in the Sports Sector and the Impartiality, Independence and Integrity Committee.

Ricard Boned | Chiesi Spain

His professional career formally began in 2006 in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications team of PwC, which was a pioneer in defining preventive models, anticipating the practice that years later would consolidate in Spain. In 2013, he started a new adventure helping to build the newly created law firm, Ribas y Asociados, which mainly focused on Digital Law and assessment/ implementation of Compliance models. At this boutique, they managed to move from the common Excel sheet to their own Compliance IT tool, which was one of the first and most complete on the market. In November 2016, he moved from the consultancy side, having the opportunity to create the Legal and Compliance department (today Enable & Protect) of the pharmaceutical company Chiesi España, the place where he is still learning and enjoying every day. For him. it has been an intense journey full of valuable lessons that have made him who he is today as a professional and as a person.

Sandra Llamera | PharmaMar

Sandra Llamera joined PharmaMar as Global Compliance head in 2020, after a detailed experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2018, she has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Instituto de Oficiales de Cumplimiento (IOC), and she is a member of the Compliance Section from Women in a Legal World (WLW). In Teva Pharmaceuticals, she was the Compliance Director for Spain and Portugal, implementing the Compliance program at the factory and logistics centre in Spain. In addition, she led the adaptation of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and actively participated in the design and implementation of the Global Compliance program imposed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). Sandra began her career at Pfizer, serving in both the Legal and Compliance departments among others, for 12 years. She advised on Anti-corruption, FCPA regulations, competition, due diligence programs of third parties, policies & processes, clinical trial monitoring, and drug promotion policies among others. She has a degree in Law from the San Paulo CEU University and has been a speaker at various professional courses and conferences.

Teresa Mínguez | Porsche Ibérica

Teresa Minguez is General Counsel and Compliance and Integrity Officer of Porsche Ibérica, S.A., where she has overall responsibility for all Legal and Compliance matters related to the business of Porsche entities in Spain and Portugal. Recently, she also assumed the functions of Data Protection Officer of the group’s entities in Iberia. She is the ACC representative in Spain and a member of the International Committee and the Legal Committee of the Word Compliance Association. She has written numerous articles and given lectures on legal topics mainly related to Corporate Governance, Compliance and Innovation in the legal area. Previously, she was a senior associate in the M&A Practice of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, where she developed her career for more than 15 years and where she and her team won the “Innovative Lawyers Award” granted by the Financial Times in 2009. Teresa is a qualified Solicitor in England and Wales and holds a Master´s degree in Corporate Law from Instituto de Empresa.