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Bigle Legal, an all-in-one Contract Lifecycle Management software

Legal Dealmaker wanted to know more about Bigle Legal, a pioneer tech company and leader in the field of document automation from Spain. Headquartered in Barcelona, it is present in the UK, Austria, Netherlands, and Italy, and also has a network reseller across Europe and Latin America. Its clients include real estate companies, corporations, and large law firms. The platform is known for being precise, flexible, and intuitive, providing full control over the entire document lifecycle.


What are its advantages over other legaltech tools on the market?

Bigle Legal’s software reduces document work time by 20 times, mitigates any risk of human error and gives legal teams full control of their legal operations. It also streamlines the process of working on documents between the legal team and the rest of the departments in an organisation.

Through a platform that brings together different technologies, legal professionals can automatically create documents, store them, send them for review and validation in real-time, virtually collaborate, negotiate, and collect electronic signatures. It also features certified email and cloud storage.

Thus, legal professionals have full control over the contracts. The platform automates document creation with approved templates, ensuring the compliance of any drafted contract with the company’s legal policies. By the way, empowers any department to create documents on their own, decreasing time spent by internal lawyers on trivial work.

Another of the main benefits of the software is legal contingencies mitigation for businesses. The legal departments often have a very high workflow, which multiplies the risk of errors. The number of people involved in the validation process must increase to preserve the correctness of the procedure.

The technology offered by document automation is the key to standardising, verifying and controlling these tedious processes whose non-compliance or slight deviation can entail very serious risks for corporations.

Bigle Legal provides an AI-powered, cloud-based solution that automates the Legal Operations of a company while improving safety and minimizing risk of legal contingencies.

Bigle Legal

Who already uses this tool and why?

Bigle Legal targets any corporation with a legal department. Its clients are very diverse, ranging from companies with more than a thousand people to large law firms. The type of industry is very broad, since any company or institution, regardless of its size or industry where it operates, can benefit from the software to improve its legal operations.

Their current clients include real estate companies, corporations, and large law firms, such as Cuatrecasas, Santalucía Insurance, and Aigües de Barcelona, the company that provides water to the city of Barcelona.

Customer satisfaction with the implementation of the software is commonplace. They report that it is quick and smooth, thanks to Bigle Legal’s legal operations and customer success teams. In terms of the benefits the software brings to companies, figures show an average annual cost reduction of €135,000, thanks to the time savings in document creation alone.

This is because the entire document process is completed 20 times faster than in the traditional way. Thus, companies save an average of 8,000 hours per year, practically eliminating repetitive tasks and unleashing the teams’ creativity.

What is your assessment since the launch and what are the challenges for 2022?

The company is in an expansion phase to bring its solution to new companies internationally. One of the main challenges of the company is to spread this solution to new markets, to help many companies improve their legal operations. In January 2022, they made eSignatures free and unlimited on all their plans, and the company is already developing new features to stay at the forefront of Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions.

To know more about Bigle Legal access here.

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