Monday, September 25, 2023

 “La abogada que meditó y se hizo rica” (The lawyer who meditated and got rich)

The lawyer who meditated and got rich: A code of fundamental laws to transform your life through the power of your mind, soul, and energy, by Cristina Durán


Why is this book entitled “La abogada que meditó y se hizo rica” (The lawyer who meditated and got rich)? What is the relationship between meditating and becoming rich?

“Being rich” is not synonymous with “having money” but implies enjoying those immaterial things that will bring us true well-being and happiness in our lives. As Deepak Chopra points out, “We need to take a more spiritual approach to success and wealth, which is nothing but the abundant flow of all good things to us.”

To achieve greater wealth at all levels, the key is to cultivate your inner world, developing the great power of your mind, your energy, and your soul. This requires you to embrace limitless beliefs, observe your thoughts and emotions, learn to manage your energy, and connect with your being, your spirit.

The good news is that, to achieve this, you don’t need to make big changes in your life, you just need to adopt small habits that allow you to work, day by day, on your inner self.

“The Lawyer who meditated and got rich” is not a book: it is a code of laws in which the author presents, in a practical and simple way, the universal laws that govern the power of your mind, your energy, and your soul. It also provides you with valuable tools so that you can develop these powers in your daily life and, in this way, become an extraordinarily wealthy person.

Cristina Durán, author of “La abogada que meditó y se hizo rica” (The lawyer who meditated and got rich)

About Cristina Durán

Cristina Durán is currently a partner at Legal Karma Lawyers, a service specialising in providing legal advice to entrepreneurs. She is also head of Litigation at De la Peña & Bethencourt.

She is also the founder and mentor of the Mindpower system, an academy that provides courses, mentoring, and other services to boost productivity, mental control, and personal and professional growth for lawyers and other professionals.

In addition, Cristina Durán has worked for more than 7 years as a lawyer at Uría Menéndez, specialising in Civil Litigation Law. Her experience covers all phases of civil proceedings, including attendance at preliminary hearings and trials, Compliance with preliminary proceedings, conducting conciliation proceedings, as well as drafting claims, replies to claims, appeals, oppositions to appeals, cassation appeals, and proceedings for the review of final judgments.

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