Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Family law firm Vestalia’s managing partner Delia Rodríguez launches first Legal sector professionals list on Twitter

The list, titled "The legal accounts you shouldn't be missing", establishes up to 17 categories which highlight different practice areas Pros as well as other Legal actors' presence on Twitter


Delia Rodríguez, founder and managing partner of Family law firm Vestalia Abogados, has launched the first Legal actors’ list on Twitter under the name “The legal accounts you shouldn’t be missing.” Along a Twitter thread, Delia detailed the accounts that she considers of some value when it comes to talking about Legal issues, establishing up to 17 categories, with funny and attractive category names, Delia adds a humour component that makes this list an easy-catching and useful guide for Legal followers starters.

The categories and selected Legal sector professionals are as follows:

Informative accounts: @chemadepablo, @JUc3m, @JudgeTheZipper, @mcuenaca, @veronicadelcarp, @Rafael_delRosal, @oscarleon_abog, @justitonotario, @Amparo_S_L, @rosalesnotario, @IreneAguiarG

Law and smart humour: @ladycrocs, @JuezTeo, @luisabeledo, @alfherranz,@imorel72

For Legal starters who are so lost: @donnaalcala, @raul230280, @todojuristas, @AJA_Madrid, @Juristanloqcido, @A_definitivas

Best Judiciary accounts: @natalia_velilla, @ViaderCarlos, @Luc_Aviles, @beamanacor, @DCandilejo, @DaniG_Uriel, @Lapelo1, @BarcoChus, @Alba_tm90, @wiwi_ngm, @Marisa758, @indiparra000, @ga_martinbis, @LuisamarGG, @MagistraThor, @MVictGACO, @SacraCobos

Public Prosecution, accounts that teach us that it’s not all about accusations on networks: @escar_gm, @suker778, @vldele, @nandogerman, @gisb_sus, @fiscallme

Top Criminal Law accounts: @chemadepablo, @penal_de_pena, @AlbertiJavier, @AJ_EscuderoM, @Julia_Clavero

Family Law pros: @PalomaZabalgo, @PilarTintore, @CarmenVarelaAlv, @IsabelWinkels, @PalomaAbad10, @artemisadianac, @crisdiazmalnero, @Marilo_Lozano_O

Labour Law ‘must have’: @Perez_Girona_, @perevdl, @cjgalan, @ToscaniDaniel, @FabianValeroABG, @robert_gual

Commercial & Tax top pros: @almacenderecho, @CPEREZANDUJAR, @leogandarias, @enriquems_, @fiscalrespir,@NHidalgoAbogada

Public/Administrative Law ambassadors: @kontencioso, @anluperrino, @diegogomabogado

Digital Law: @dbravo, @OfeTG, @jcampanillas, @adsuara, @Jorge_Morell, @ENATIC1

Legal marketing magicians: @chusage, @SaraMolinaPT, @lidiazommer, @perezdelamanga, @CescDominguez, @PaulaFdezOchoa, @guerrerocg

Top Legal journalists: @capa_carlos, @pedro_delrosal, @cberbell, @LP_hans, @_TriciaEL, @AbadMarce92, @luisjasanchez, @alfonsopmedina,@MariaJamardoC, @icodomin, @Desirevipe

High vocational (and contagious) Law colleagues: @maritahermano, @mablanco60, @Demasiaupalbodi, @FrauFra, @duquecomunica, @Cristinalaramor, @NatTEJERA, @teresavicario_f, @natalia_apolo, @NachoMolano, @Perez_Girona_, @Marinagngl, @wikypera, @LorelainP

Mediatic masters: @LacaciAbogado, @Carmencilla79, @Juango_Ospina, @lamasjusta

Very active Institutions, Associations, Platforms: @Abogacia_es, @_OrtegaVictoria, @comunicacioicab, @JuecesAJFV, @juecesAPM, @JpDemocracia, @HayDerecho, @PlataformaFyD, @somosamafi, @AeafaAbogados, @bbrainers, @EventosJur

Justice defence knights: @josemuelas, @decanofjlara, @Alopez_Letrado, @MadridAltodo, @JorgeFloresPPAA, @unicef_es, @CeminenlaRed

She finally apologises for all those she has not included “due to lack of knowledge, space or memory” and invites users to add their Legal idols accounts to the thread.


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