Wednesday, September 28, 2022

CGAE elects new councillors and secretary-general

The Plenary of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers has elected 10 new elected councillors from among the 30 candidates presented


The elected candidates, indicating their Bar Association of origin, are:

  • Javier Caballero Martínez (ICA PAMPLONA)
  • Marcos Camacho O’Neale (ICA JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA)
  • Ángel García Bernués (ICA HUESCA)
  • Juan Antonio García Cazorla (ICA SABADELL)
  • María Cristina Llop Velasco (ICA ZARAGOZA)
  • Manuel José Martín Martín (ICA MADRID)
  • Filomena Peláez Solís (ICA BADAJOZ)
  • Jesús Pellón Fernández-Fontecha (ICA CANTABRIA)
  • José Arturo Pérez Moreno (ICA ALMERÍA)
  • Nielson Sánchez Stewart (ICA MÁLAGA)

At the same plenary session, Jordi Albareda Cañadell, dean of the Lleida Bar Association and until now deputy secretary-general, was appointed as the new secretary-general of the General Council. The dean of the Valladolid Bar Association, Javier Martín García, has been appointed as deputy secretary-general, replacing Albareda. In turn, the new dean of the Barcelona Bar Association, Jesús Sánchez García, has been appointed deputy to the presidency of the Council.

The plenary session also approved a declaration of “strong” condemnation of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine: “The use of arms and force will never be the appropriate instrument in the settlement of disputes between countries. As defenders of the law, Spanish lawyers believe that the world has the appropriate legal channels for the complaint and resolution of any conflict between nations. War will only bring death, destruction and poverty to the Ukrainian people. Our thoughts are with them today, as well as all our solidarity.”

The General Council of Spanish Lawyers has 12 elected councillors, who must be lawyers of recognised prestige, freely elected by the Plenary of the Council itself, and whose term of office is five years. In 2019, the two remaining seats were renewed, with Carmen Pérez Andújar and Rafael Bonmatí Llorens being elected.

The elections were called by the Plenary of the General Council of the Spanish Bar, by agreement adopted at its session of 20 January 2022, to fill 10 seats of elective councillors from among lawyers of recognised prestige.



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