Wednesday, March 29, 2023

ACIJUR’s XI Puñetas Awards

The Asociación de Comunicadores e Informadores Jurídicos (ACIJUR) held the ceremony for the 11th edition of the Puñetas Awards


The Puñetas Awards are an initiative that aims to recognise, in various categories, the work of individuals, institutions or groups for their contribution to the improvement of justice and the rule of law in all its aspects, and especially in the dissemination of legal information in society.

The winners were:

Manuel García Castellón, “Puñetas de Plata” Award for having handled trials of enormous political and economic relevance with professionalism and impartiality.

The association Women in a Legal World, “Puñetas de Bronce” Award for the intense fight in favour of promoting equality and female talent in the legal profession.

The Legal Collective of lawyers, registrars, notaries, and solicitors of the island of La Palma, “Puñetas Periféricas” Award, for its commitment to offering all citizens of the island the fastest advice and the best legal defence in disaster and emergency situations.

Finally, the “Vete a Hacer Puñetas” award has been granted to the “Russian invasion of Ukraine”, to the destruction and crimes against humanity committed in that territory against innocent civilians, the unjustifiable aggression against peace, human rights and the rights of free nations, and to the values of freedom, legality, justice and democracy.

The “Vete a Hacer Puñetas” Award is granted by ACIJUR with a critical and denouncing intention, to those persons, groups, institutions or current events that have been significant for their negative contribution to the improvement of the rule of law, to the defence of rights and freedoms, especially freedom of information, or have hindered the work of journalists.

During the awards ceremony, Patricia Rosety, president of ACIJUR, highlighted the work of all the award winners and emphasised the need for society as a whole to get involved in the defence of the constitutional principles of freedom of expression and the right to information, because “a full democracy is not possible without respect and support for the work of information and communication professionals.”

More info about the event here.

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