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Abogacía y Mujer (Law and Women)


Service vocation, values, emotional, relational, and social intelligence, proactivity, resilience, effort, communication, decision making, strategy, time management, innovation, creativity, adaptation to change, networking, adaptation to new technologies, and continuous learning are leadership skills that help us achieve professional excellence. All of them are a “must” for any professional at a time when we are witnessing a constant change, and they represent a differential value for companies in the selection of talent they need to face new professional challenges.

This book aims to value the figure of the lawyer since it will be difficult to find in other areas professionals who meet the requirements sought and also to make clients aware of the skills that a lawyer must have in order to help them assess the person who will accompany them in the resolution of their legal matters.

Lawyers must be aware of the need to acquire each of the skills that are exposed to achieve professional excellence and this book will help you achieve it.

Abogacía y Mujer (Law and women) wants to give visibility to women leaders, which surely many had not realized existed.

In the case of women lawyers, their effort is usually greater since, in addition to all the values and skills described above, they have to make it compatible with reconciling work and family life, and this is even more acute in the case of sole proprietorships, which are many in Spain.

The incorporation of women into the labour market has not been accompanied by measures that favour conciliation with working parents, and the weight continues to fall on women. Opportunities for advancement and promotion are reduced when motherhood enters the life of a professional woman.

There are many women in the base. The increase in their professional presence does not correspond to their weight in decision-making bodies. There is a glass ceiling in their professional ascension.

It is necessary to eliminate biases and limiting beliefs at the individual and collective level because as long as we do not do so, we will not be able to move forward. Both women and men must continue to work, paving the way for this society to be just as fair and balanced for our daughters and sons.

Myriam Isabel González Navarro and María Arribas

Myriam Isabel González Navarro is director and coauthor of the book along with María Arribas who has been also the coordinator. Published by Tecnos (Grupo Anaya) this book can be found at El Corte Inglés, Amazon and La Casa del Libro, among others.